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A locksmith in Sarasota FL is not hard to come by. But an expert treatment that resolves your issues from their very root, needs special skills and craftsmanship that only Sarasota Locksmith Store can provide. It's always a good idea of getting services that are worth your hard-earned money. So when it comes to high-security installations or any key and lock issue, one must always choose what is best. With us, you don't just get the best locksmith in Gulf Gate Sarasota FL, but also a service that is reliable, affordable and swift. Need home security advice? Need a car locksmith in Sarasota? We are your one stop shop in the region!

Lost your keys and there's no way you can get yourself out of this sticky situation? Fret not! Just pick up your phone and dial 941-467-3481 to avail the services of the best Locksmith in Sarasota FL. Be it a commercial job or a personal query related to the security system at your humble abode, we are available 24x7 to with our high-end equipment and years of expertise to help you out.

About us

A decade into the profession, we have become the premium name when it comes to providing locksmith services in Sarasota, Florida. Expanding our horizons and getting only better with each passing year, we are known for hand-picking professionals to join our team - that is already equipped with the best tools in the business and an almost perfect balance of expert intellect. This is why we can proudly boast that there isn't a single lock and key job that can't be done by us. We deliver with utmost perfection and our workmanship can be second-checked by our impeccable record that comprises of thousands of happy customers who have chosen to work with us again and again.

Why choose Sarasota Locksmith Store?

The residents of Sarasota, Florida have chosen us over everyone else when it comes to any kind of lock and key issues. Be it big or small, we have always put all our customers first as main priorities. Here are some of the reasons why we are the right choice when you go on the internet and type - best locksmith in Sarasota FL:

24-hour professional services:

Anyone can land-up with a lost key. If it's the middle of the night it becomes a really frustrating ordeal when none of the so-called professional locksmiths wouldn't even take your call. Don't worry! Sarasota Locksmith Store is not one of them. Need a Car Locksmith in Sarasota? Pick up the phone and dial 941-467-3481. We work 24x7 to ensure that none of the residents of Sarasota, Florida would ever get themselves in a sticky lock and key situation. Our team is always on their toe to respond to distress calls from customers - be it day or night. Moreover, since we are well-equipped with some of the finest tools in the business, we get you out of all kinds of broken, damaged or lost key and lock situations within minutes.

We put you first:

At Sarasota Locksmith Store we put the customers first. Unlike most of the locksmiths in Gulf Gate Sarasota FL, we don't divert or put on hold any of the distress calls that we receive. We believe in quality work that comes at an affordable price and none of our services are offered at an alternative price range depending on the time of the day or the weight of the services required. Our team is swift on their toes and promise to reach you within 15-20 minutes as we value your time and money.   


Automotive locksmith services

It is really a challenge when you get locked out of a car in a deserted parking lot or someplace that doesn't have any kind of help nearby. A car locksmith in Sarasota is the only one who can get you out of such a tricky situation. We at Sarasota Locksmith Store are your friends when it comes to a situation like this one. Whether it's an emergency call for a spare key or one where you want us to help you out with a lockout just pick up your phone and give us a call. We promise to provide you with the best automotive locksmith services within a span of 15-20 minutes even if it's the remotest of areas in Sarasota, Florida.

Here’s what we offer:

  • 24x7 Car lockout assistance
  • Repairing Broken Car Locks
  • Car Lock replacement or change
  • Altering or rekeying car locks
  • Making new/fixing transponder car keys
  • Fixing/Unlocking car doors/trunks without collateral damage
  • Generating spare keys for emergency use
  • Repairing/Cutting ignition key
  • Providing vehicles with advanced locking system
  • Key creation/cutting of any model/kind of vehicles

Residential locksmith services

One of the many things that a person thinks of when making a house is how secure it makes them feel. It is as important to have a secured locking system as it is to own a house. Leaving one's house prey to threats of having a substandard locking system can result in a heavy loss on the owners' sanity. With Sarasota Locksmith Store - one of the top-rated Locksmiths in Gulf Gate Sarasota, FL you get to decide how secure you want your house to be. Offering a wide range of residential locksmith services, we are acclaimed in the business for offering expertized guidance to anyone who needs us even in times of absolute urgency. Our team works round the clock to ensure that your homes are secured and not vulnerable to any kind of external threats whatsoever.

Here’s what we offer

  • Round the clock locksmith services  
  • Assisting with residential lockouts
  • Key cutting/duplication
  • Installing high-tech locks
  • Repairing/Changing locks
  • Putting a master key system into place
  • Emergency lock replacements at any time
  • Door installation
  • Complete door repairs
  • Deadbolt and Peephole fix/installation

Commercial locksmith services

Workplaces are as pious as one's own home. If there isn't a proper security system in place, business owners are bound to feel threatened by unknown possibilities every single day.  Finding a locksmith in Florida hence almost becomes an urgency for business owners. However, with almost 2 dozen commercial locksmith services in the market, one if bound to get confused. With Sarasota Locksmith Store you can place your business worries in the security department to rest. We are an excellent team of individuals who know how to take care of properties in the easiest, most affordable and effective manner. Known as the most dependable locksmith in Sarasota FL, our reputation stands tall in a sea of has-beens. We promise round-the-clock lock and key services that make sure all your business properties - be it a hospital, a hotel, an office space or a mall are catered with utmost urgency and dedication.  

Here’s what we offer

  • Round the clock  office lockout assistance
  • Key cutting and duplication services
  • Mobile locksmith services
  • Rekeying services
  • Keypad installation
  • Installation of magnetic locks
  • High-security system installation
  • Putting master key system into place
  • Repair/Fix Broken Locks
  • Complete office lock replacement
  • Timely maintenance of locking system
  • Installing keyway system
  • Cabinet lock and repair
  • Panic lock and push bar installation

Emergency locksmith services

A jammed lock or a car lockout can be a distressful happening. It's especially frustrating when there is no help around for miles. Sarasota Locksmith Store is one of the only locksmith services in Sarasota Florida, which provides 24x7 emergency services to make sure that customers are never left stranded in a messed up situations. Unlike any other locksmith in Sarasota FL, we deliver what we promise - be it night or day. With our well-equipped team of professionals who are always ready on their toes to serve your lock and key issues - even if it's a holiday, Sarasota Locksmith Store has become a brand in providing prompt solutions with a record response time of 15-20 minutes. We don't charge any extra fair even if it’s the middle of the night and resolve any issue with guaranteed results.

Here’s what we offer

  • All kinds of lockout assistance offered 24x7
  • Lock unlocking services
  • Safe opening without collateral damage
  • Unlocking vehicles
  • Unlocking vehicle trunks
  • All kinds of emergency lock repairs
  • Assistance post lock breakage
  • Assistance with Eviction lock
  • Making spare keys
  • All kinds of lock repairs
  • Overnight installation services

If you are looking for an affordable, effective locksmith in Gulf Gate Sarasota, FL you need to reach out to us on 941-467-3481. Our experts will be on their way to assist you as soon as possible. 

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